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What's involved in applying for a US waiver?

Homeland Security is very particular about its requirements for US entry waiver applications. There's a tonne of paperwork, and every small mistake you make can result in delays to the application process. If you've never applied for an American waiver, the deck could be stacked against you.

That's why so many people trust us to secure their waiver. We do the heavy lifting – we collect and prepare your documents, make sure every last detail is in order and submit your application much faster than you'd be able to do on your own.

In the end, you save a heap of stress and are able to cross the border much sooner than if you'd tried to do it all yourself. Plus, we guarantee your USA entry waiver application will be successful, or we'll re-apply on your behalf for free.

When you come to us for a guaranteed US entry waiver, we take care of everything, including your:

  • Personal statement, signed by you, explaining the circumstances of each arrest, conviction and sentence or fine imposed. We also know to include details such as any explanation of your rehabilitation, current employment, marital status, community service, etc. This document is vitally important, which is why we take great care to write it for you so that US Customs sees the person you are – not the person you were.
  • RCMP fingerprints in order to obtain a detailed list of your convictions or a letter that indicates you no longer have a record. We'll let you know exactly where you can get fingerprinted and what you need to do.
  • A copy of your Canadian Pardon (if applicable). If you do not already have one, we'll request a new copy from the Parole Board.
  • Copy of your official court record from the actual court of conviction indicating plea indictment, conviction and disposition for each and every crime you've committed anywhere in the world. Don't worry; this is why you’re hiring us. We'll deal with the courts efficiently to ensure that all of the paperwork arrives quickly and is the correct documentation.
  • Form I-192: Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Non-immigrant. Also known as the I-192 waiver, I-192 form or I-192 application, this is the first of two forms that the Department of Homeland Security requires you to complete. We'll complete it for you and ensure that every last detail is correct and no mistakes are made.
  • Form G-325A: Biographic Information. This is the second of the two forms required by the Department of Homeland Security. Again, we've got you covered.
  • Three letters of character reference. We'll provide you with a detailed template on how to properly and effectively prepare a character reference letter.
  • A letter of employment. Just like the above, we'll provide you with a detailed template to give to your employer. If you're self-employed or retired, a copy of your tax return will suffice.
  • Proof of citizenship. We'll let you know the best documentation to provide.
  • Drug test. Please talk to us to see if a drug test will be required in your case. If it is, we'll guide you through it.
  • Copies of any previously issued Form 1-192 decisions

Now you see why so many people ask us for help.

Please note that every waiver application is different, and so the list above isn't necessarily one size fits all. The actual documents you'll require will depend on your particular circumstances.


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