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What happens to US waiver applications once they're submitted?

Once received, your US waiver application will be forwarded to the Admissibility Review Office (ARO) in Virginia. While the ARO is able to grant or deny any waiver application, its decisions are guided by three major factors:

  1. The risk of harm if you are admitted
  2. The seriousness of your prior conviction(s)
  3. Your reason for wanting to enter the US.

Once the ARO processes your application you'll receive a written response, generally within 3 to 6 months. If approved, you'll be issued your waiver on form I-194, which will also state the period for which it's valid. Though waivers can be issued for up to five years, your first waiver may only be valid for one year.

If your US waiver application is denied, you'll receive an explanation for the denial along with information on appealing. And of course, if you went through us, we'll re-apply on your behalf free of charge.


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