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Canada Pardon: frequently asked questions

When am I eligible to apply for a pardon?

Determining eligibility depends on:

  • when the most recent offence was committed
  • date when the sentence was fully completed
  • nature of the offence(s)

Driving and weapon prohibitions are not considered part of your sentence when determining eligibility.

How long will the process take?

Once received by the Parole Board of Canada (PBC), summary offences will be processed within 6 months while indictable offences take 12 months. In the unlikely event the PBC proposes to deny your application, they can take up to two years to complete.

How will a record suspension benefit me?

Under the Criminal Records Act (CRA), the PBC is responsible for granting record suspensions, which removes your criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre. Your record will be set aside allowing you to access opportunities for employment, education, volunteering and more.

Will a record suspension allow me entry to the USA?

While your record will be set aside, it doesn’t erase the fact you were convicted, and US Customs and Border Protection does not recognize a Canadian pardon. Depending on the nature of your criminal record, you may need to apply for a US entry waiver.

How much does a pardon cost?

The PBC charges $657.77 for a pardon. You are also responsible for fingerprinting, court and local police fees (approximately $150).

Our fee depends on:

  • the number of court locations you have been convicted in
  • amount of cities you have resided in the past 5 years

Why should I choose you to handle my application?

Applying on your own can be a difficult process due to the amount of paperwork involved. Nearly one-quarter of all applications are returned.

We prepare your documents, make sure every detail is in order and submit your application properly and much faster than you would be able to do on your own. Our fee is affordable, and we provide quick and efficient results.

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