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Testimonials for Liberty Waivers

Success Stories

We work hard and dedicate our best efforts to our clients, helping many of them fulfill dreams they'd never thought possible. Here is just a sampling of the kind of feedback we've gotten from some of our many satisfied clients:

I had a minor charge that went back to when I was 20 years old and I never thought it would keep me from traveling to the United States. The US border authorities told me it doesn't matter how long ago it was. I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work. I'm glad I chose your services.

Chris - Oakville, ON

I was shocked when I found out US border authorities wouldn't let me into the States because of my old criminal record. But you got me a waiver is less than six months. I HIGHLY recommend you to anyone with a criminal record!

Robert – Ottawa, ON

When I first found out I couldn't enter the United States because of an old criminal charge, I didn't know what to do. I'm a business owner and being able to get into the US is crucial for me. My lawyer told me it would take up to two years and would cost more than $3000. You got it done in a matter of months for only $480. Thank you!

David - Saskatoon, SK

I couldn't believe it when the US border guard told me a minor criminal charge that was two decades old was going to keep me from seeing my family in California. Lucky for me, a friend referred me to you and you got me a waiver in about five months. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who's in the same situation.

Darlene - Cranbrook, BC

I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and now I finally can. Thanks for making it happen!

Bradley – Edmonton, AB

Excellent service – and FAST!

Tom - Winnipeg, MB

I had to turn down a job offer when I realized that an old charge was going to prevent me from entering the United States. The field I'm in usually requires travel and you have to be mobile to take advantage of job opportunities. Thanks to your services, I got a waiver in about six months and now I'm back on track.

Derrick - Victoria, BC

Thanks for your great work, I was kept up to date throughout the entire process and all of my e-mails were replied to in a very timely fashion. It sure feels great to have this matter taken care of, as I was completely overwhelmed when I tried to do it myself.

Vivian – Halifax, NS

I was so embarrassed when I found out that I couldn't join in our annual family reunion in Seattle – and so happy when I found your services. Much appreciated!

Sylvia - Calgary, AB

When I retired, my wife started talking about spending our winters down south at our favourite vacation spot in Myrtle Beach. I knew I had a criminal charge that was 30 years old but I never figured it would prevent me from travelling. I was relieved to find you. Thanks for getting my waiver so quickly!

Mike - Moncton, NB

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